The aims of the Forest of Arden Agricultural Society are to foster and keep alive by competition, the agricultural crafts of ploughing and hedgelaying and to encourage the well being of the rural environment. Also to encourage members to take a competitive interest in the Growing of Crops and Livestock, and to enjoy the various Social Events organised on their behalf.

The Society is open to any persons living within a 14 mile radius of Henley-in- Arden church who wish to subscribe to the Society. The Society will use these funds to administer the above aims. The Society will not acquire any land or property.

The Society will hold an Annual General Meeting, run by the President of the Society, to elect offices as deemed necessary.

The Chairman to hold office for two years, and thereafter, to be superseded by the Vice-Chairman. The elected Treasurer to be in charge of the day to day running of the accounts. Any cheques paid out to be signed by any two of three nominated signatories. The three being, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The Secretary to be elected to be in charge of carrying out the wishes of the Committee, and to conduct the business of the Society.

A General Mens’ Committee to be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

An Executive to be formed from the officers of the day plus three other elected members.

Two Representatives from the Ladies Committee will be elected.

The membership of the Executive will change bi-annually, with the election of new officers. The three elected officers, and Lady Representatives, to hold office for no more than two years, and to be reviewed at the Annual General Meeting.

In the event of the Society failing to continue, the capital fund to be held on deposit and administered by three trustees, to be appointed on its cessation, by the executive committee, for a period of five years from the date of the last AGM. These funds to be made available if the Society decides to reform. Failing the reformation of the Society, the funds to be divided equally to three nominated charities, allied to the farming industry, to be decided by the remaining members of the last Executive Committee.

All cups and trophies at the cessation of the Society to be returned to their donors or their ancestors.